PAMTA is the local affiliate of the Illinois State Music Teachers Association and the Music Teachers National Association. The objective of this group is to Encourage and exchange of ideas in the field; to Enrich the love and understanding of music; and to Elevate the standards of teaching music by recognizing the experience, training, and challenge necessary for professional growth.

Sonata/Sonatina Festival

Chairman: TBA

PAMTA’s Sonata/Sonatina competition is held biennially, in odd numbered years.   This event seeks to promote an understanding of sonata allegro form, primarily developed in the Classical period (1750-1825).

Contestants perform a sonatina or sonata selected from a designated repertoire list.

First, second, and third place winners are selected from the field of entrants in each level and receive trophies, medallions and ribbons.

First place winners play in an honors recital which concludes the day’s events.

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Sonata/Sonatina 2017 Winners

Level Composer Title 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
1A Gurlitt Sonatina in C Grant Kroodsma /Gloria Busman Adrian Buena /Connie Tatum  
1B Faber Sunshine Yellow Natalie Navetta /Rebecca Gebbink Sarah Haas /Connie Tatum Olivia Pan /Rosa Chang
2A Wilton Sonatina in C Margaret Church /Rebecca Gebbink Emory Milot /Rebecca Gebbink Aleaha Everhart /Connie Tatum
2B Snell/Hidy Postcard Sonatina Mandy Dong /Rosa Chang Basil Oram /Philippa Williams Evan Oberle /Grace Trang
3A Duncombe Sonatina in C Maggie Brummel /Philippa Williams Natalie Otto /Rebecca Gebbink Jared Derais /Connie Tatum
3B Biehl Sonatina in C, Op. 57, No. 1   Morgan Cowen /Rebecca Gebbink  
        Tiffany Zhang /Liz Reed  
4A Vandall Sunrise Sonatina Calvin Leman /Philippa Williams Rena Zhang /Rosa Chang Evan Alois /Joyce Schupp
          Mary Sanderson /Kathleen Murray
4B Cobb Sonatina in C Michael Robinson /Grace Trang Ellen Guan /Liz Reed Gloria Kroodsma /Gloria Busman
5 Latour Sonatina No. 1 in C Alexander Li /Chee Hyeon Choi Jeffrey Wen /Rosa Chang Stella Chen /Liz Reed
6 Diabelli Sonatina in G, Op. 168, No. 2 Theressa Bartelme /Joshua Russell Kayla Rassi /Marie Taufer Allison Ninnam /Rebecca Gebbink
7 McLean Sonatina No. 3 Tobias Michlik /Annalise Duffer Jenna Zhang /Chee Hyeon Choi Michael Wang /Brenda Conroy
8 Brooks-Turner Midnight Sonatina, Op. 70, No. 15 Kevin Qu /Brenda Conroy Sophie Liu /Rosa Chang Alison Baldwin /Star Commanday
9 Kuhlau Sonatina, Op. 88, No. 3 Philip Yi /Brenda Conroy Ivy Dong /Rosa Chang Felicia Cai /Chee Hyeon Choi
10 Mozart Sonata in G, K. 283 Timothy Liu /Chee Hyeon Choi Monica Baldwin /Chee Hyeon Choi  
11 Beethoven Sonata in cm, Op. 10, No. 1 Sophia Johnston /Chee Hyeon Choi Kevin Xu /Chee Hyeon Choi  

SSF 2017 – printable


Governing Rules Sonata Sontaina Festival 2017

Sonata Sonatina Competition Repertoire List 2017

Letter to the Parents


Sonata Festival Winners 2015

Title 1st Place 2nd Place HM
Sunshine Yellow Alayna Bergman /Janet Dickerson Laurella Everhart / Connie Tatum Kaitlin Tomlianovich - Susan Twitty / Sophia Pan - Rosa Chang
First Sonatina (mvt.2) / Olson Summer Schopp / Susan Twitty Grace Homa / Connie Tatum Jonah Bergman - Janet Dickerson / Rena Zhang - Rosa Chang
Sonatina in CM (II. Andante) / Alexander Rachel Derais / Connie Tatum Faith Dubois / Sue Twitty Allison Ninnam - Rebecca Gebbink / Calvin Leman - Phillippa Williams
Sonatina in GM I. Allegretto / Attwood Katherine Zhang / Kay Landerdahl Nathan Ninnam / Rebecca Gebbink CI-Ning Ang - Brenda Conroy / Sonia Theodorof - Liz Reed
Sonatina In GM I. Moderato Caleb Lavender / Jennifer Booker-Smith Lily Wetterhus / Rebecca Gebbink Noah Li - Rosa Chang / Jolienne Varquez - Connie Tatum
Sonatina in CM, Op. 55, No. 1 I. Allegro Jonathan Rixstine / Joyce Schupp Oliver Fortmann / Rebecca Gebbink Sophie Liu - Rosa Chang / Alice Li - Laura Treichel
Sonatina in a minor / Benda Ivy Dong / Rosa Chang Kevin Xu / Chee-Heong Choi Conner Leman / Philippa Williams
Sonatina in DM, Op. 3, No. 6 I. Allegro con Spirito / Clementi Benjamin Keating / Chee Hyeon Choi   Calder Smith - Jennifer Booker-Smith / Benjamin Owens - Barb Huebner
Sonata in CM, Hob XVI:35 I. Allegro con Brio / Haydn Benjamin Yang / Angela Simonson    
Sonata in FM, K. 280 II. Adaigo / Mozart Mallika Patel / Pam Eyerly    
Sonata in GM, No. 25, Op. 79 I. Preso alla Tedesca / Beethoven Nathan lavender / Jennifer Booker-Smith Elena Hong / Justin Kothenbeutel  



SSF 2013 Winners

Title 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place Honorable Mention
Colorful Sonatina / Faber Morgen Cowen / Rebecca Gebbink Samuel Poorman / Connie Tatum Hannah Miller / Joyce Schupp  
      Summer Schopp / Susan Twitty  
Postcard Sonatina / Snell&Hidy Lily Wetterhus / Rebecca Gebbink Jonathan Rixstine / Joyce Schupp Julie Theodorof / Liz Reed  
  Calvin Leman / Philippa Williams      
  Timothy Liu / Kay Landerdahl      
Snappy Sonatina / Noona Rachel Derais / Connie Tatum Devanshi Kothari / Susan Twitty Allison Harrmann / Philippa Williams  
    Gloria Kroodsman / Anna Price Grace Homa / Connie Tatum  
Sonatina in C Major / Duncombe Katherine Li / Liz Reed Maddi Cave / Susan Twitty Lauren Dennison / Philippa Williams  
Sonatina in C / Alexander Alice Li / Laura Treichel Elsie Lansberry / Anna Price Conner Leman / Philippa Williams  
    Joyce Li / Laura Treichel    
Sonatina in C / Cobb Kevin Lauer / Mary Flory Cosette Leman / Philippa Williams Caleb Shim / Sara Hoffee  
Sonatina No. 2 in G / Vandall Jessica Li / Laura Treichel Tamra Hudson / Rebecca Gebbink Calder Smith / Jennifer Booker-Smith  
Sonatina in G, Op. 55, No. 1 / Diabelli ----- Brian Lauer / Mary Flory Claire Morrical / Barbara Huebner  
    Casey Hoffmire / Anna Price    
Sonatina in a minor, Op. 27, No. 18 / Kabalevsky Christopher Hudson / Rebecca Gebbink Ivy Dong / Rosa Chang Lydia Pfaffmann / Joyce Schupp  
      Nathan Zietlow / Kay Landerdahl  
      Cameron Leman / Philippa Williams  
      Patrick Li / Laura Treichel  
Sonatine No. 1 / Gillock Aileen Huang / Myrnz Bietz Henry Lueken / Myrna Bietz Benjamin Yang / Angel Mitchel-Simonson  
      Maria Baker / Mary Flory  
Sonata in d, K.9 / Scarlatti Andrew Hsu / Myrna Bietz Mallika Patel / Pam Eyerly Star Commanday / Rebecca Gebbink  
Sonatina in C,Op.55, No. 6 / Kuhlau Ani Terterian / Myrna Bietz Matt Lauer / Mary Flory Matthew Kim / Liz Reed  
      Tanner Corum / Mary Flory  
Haydn / HobSVI #37,mvt.1 Grace Yoon / Liz Reed      
Beethoven / Op.2, No.1, mvt.1 Albert Li / Rosa Chang      
Beethoven / Op. 31, No. 1   Ethan Chu / Sara Hoffee    
Beethoven, Op. 13, mvt. 1     Sidney Campen / Rebecca Gebbink  
Haydn / Hob XVI:34, mvt.1       Emily Griebel / Pam Eyerly
Beethoven / Op. 49, No. 2, mvt.1       Beth Pittenger / Anna Price


Susan Twitty & Philippa Williams

SSF Winners


2011 Winners

Title 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
Faber/Colorful Sonatina Nadia Frieden/ Susan Twitty Mason Niehaus/ Jany Izaguirre Deepti Sudhakar/ Loma Mills
  Wesley Litten/ Jany Izaguirre    
Wilton/Sonatina I. Charlie Young/ Jany Izaguirre Santosh Sudhakar/ Loma Mills Joshua Hagan/ Joyce Schupp
      Irina Sherwood/ Susan Twitty
Noona/Snappy Sonatina Quinn Salverson/ Liz Reed Tamra Hudson/ Rebecca Gebbink Forrest Schopp/ Susan Twitty
Strickland/Spring Sonatina Nathan Nigus/ Janet Dickerson Emily Nettles/ Kay Landerdahl Samantha Hoevenaar/Jany Izaguirre
      Derek Yoon/ Liz Reed
Brown/Clock Sonatina Patrick Li/ Laura Treichel Lawrence Liu/ Laura Treichel Christopher Hudson/Rebecca Gebbink
  Benjamin Owens/ Barbara Huebner    
Vandall/Sonatina No.2 Emily Race/ Kay Landerdahl Daniel Barton/ Kay Landerdahl Nicole Leman/ Mary Flory
Bober/Sonatina of High Seas Lydia Pfaffman/ Joyce Schupp Albert Li/ Laura Treichel  
Czerny/Sonatina, Op.163 Nicole Santos/ Pam Eyerly Esther Sun/ Brenda Conroy Raina Zhang/ Liz Reed
Lynes/Sonatina, Op.39 Xinyu Guan/ Liz Reed Winston Lindqwister/Brenda Conroy  
Olson, K./Sonatina in Seasons Anna Dalton/ Kay Landerdahl Millika Patel/ Pam Eyerly  
Clementi/Sonatina Op.4,No.1 Sydney Campen/ Rebecca Gebbink Elizabeth Lindqwister/Brenda Conroy Andrew Hsu/ Myrna Bietz
    Grace Yoon/ Liz Reed Matthew Kim/ Liz Reed
Mozart. Sonata K.332 Jill Sidler/ Ann Williams Daniel Juarez/ Rebecca Gebbink  
Juniors & Seniors Only Katie Downing/ Heather Peterson Kristi Fanning/ Rebecca Gebbink  
    Gracie Smart/ Brenda Conroy