PAMTA is the local affiliate of the Illinois State Music Teachers Association and the Music Teachers National Association. The objective of this group is to Encourage and exchange of ideas in the field; to Enrich the love and understanding of music; and to Elevate the standards of teaching music by recognizing the experience, training, and challenge necessary for professional growth.

Library List and Requests

Chairman –  TBA
Video Tapes
The History of the Pianoforte by Badur-Skoda
Beethoven Lives Upstairs
Integrating What We Teach by Blickenstaff
My First Sonatina by Blickenstaff
Conversations with Frances Clark by Clark
Performance Practices by Hinson
Technical Routines by Neeley
Memorization and Effective Practice by Neeley
Carolyn Sisney for PAMTA
Practice! But How? by Zorn
Portrait of a Pianist-Teacher by True
1994 Anniversary Meeting, August 29
1989 Monster Concert
1990 Monster Concert
1991 Monster Concert
1994 Monster Concert
1996 Monster Concert

2004 Monster Concert
2006 Monster Concert

Audio Cassette Tapes

1989 Monster Concert

1990 Monster Concert

1992 Monster Concert
1994 Monster Concert

Intermediate Repertoire (2) by Albergo
Frances Clark-Her Books and Methods
Frances Clark-Her Life and Teachings
1993 PAMTA Program by Brandt/Eklund
Larry Campbell January 27, 1997
An Afternoon of Music by Jennifer Malone
PAMTA Recital June 23, 1994
Interactive Music Learning Made Easy by Roland
Portrait of a Pianist-Teacher by True
Technique for Older Beginners by Zorn
Practice! But How? by Zorn


A Passion for Teaching by Jane Bastien (Running time: 33 minutes.)

2004 Monster Concert
2006 Monster Concert
The Verbier Festival & Academy Piano Extravaganza

With Your Own Two Hands
, Self-Discovery Through Music by Bernstein
The Joy of Music by Bernstein,
Beautiful Music Together: Creating a Private Music Studio for Teacher, Student, and Parent by Carolyn Biller, (including CD)
Making Music and Enriching lives: A Guide for Music Teachers by Bonnie Blanchard & Cynthia Blanchard Acree
Piano Puzzlers, Thirty Popular Melodie and Folk Tunes in the Styles of Famous Composers by Fred Child
How to play the piano despite years of lessons by Cannel/Marx
A Piano Teacher’s Legacy, Selected Writings by Richard Chronister/Darling
They Shall Have Music, A Manual for the Instruction of Visually Handicapped Students in the Playing of
Keyboard Instruments by Dykema
Notes, Time, Terms: A Reference Book by Carroll E. Green
Professional Piano Teaching by Jeanine M.Jacobson
The Lives of the Musicians by Kathleen Krull
A Pianist’s Landscape by Montparker
The Perfect Wrong Note by Westney

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